Record Marketing Solutions

Company : Record Marketing Solutions Ltd 
Category : Marketing Consultant
Name : Katherine Record
Tel : 07725 780932
Website :

Giving straightforward effective marketing advice and support to businesses of any size

Ensuring SME’s maximise growth opportunities:

  • Marketing Audit – giving an honest review of current activities across all channels
  • Marketing Planning – Straight forward prioritised recommendations
  • Identifying and reaching the customers you need to grow your business
  • Flexible on going support, giving advice and training or taking on the marketing actions on your behalf, giving you the support that you need when you need it.
  • I have a network of experts to support your business designers, social media implementers, copy writers etc.

For larger businesses:

Do you have a gap in your team or are you in need of an experienced helping hand, giving a fresh perspective to get a project off the ground?

Managing projects effectively using excellent analytical, interpersonal and organisational skills honed over 20 years in the industry across multi disciplined internal, external and agency teams.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Marketing Planning
  • Marketing Communications Online, Offline, In store
  • Social Media
  • Increased ROI, saving time & money, increasing footfall/sales
  • PR
  • Project management
  • Budget & Agency management
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